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  Modeltrain dioramas by Tim Huurman

Country side model train layout rail road diorama

Model train layout dioramas made by Tim Huurman.

You are absolutely free to copy my work or paste any video or photos onto your own website, but I would appreciate if you make reference to my work or make a link of this website on your website or portal.

Model train layout diorama in scale N (1.160), made in 2008-2009.

Dimensions of layout 90 x 90 x 35 cms.

A fantasy railway model layout, with 3 different sceneries in a mountainous área, waterfalls, lake, an mountainous country side, all just under 1 m2.n

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Country side railroad diorama in N scale (1:160) made in 2010-2011.

Layout size 110 x 75 x 35 cms.

Another fantasy rail way layout, with a stow lake, mountain, bridges, and running 3 trains at the same time on only one transformer, all on less tan 1 m2.

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Model train layout in N scale (1:160), with a railway terminus station, with city and country side, made in 2013.

Layout size 210 x 110 cms.

This Based on a layout of with some alterations and added scenery.

The city-station section, and highway-castle section can be lifted for easy access to hidden railways.

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A scenic forest hill model railway diorama layout in scale N (1:160), build in 2014.

Layout sieze 125 x 65 x 45 cms.

Over 300 trees are used on this layout.

Made in 2014.

The base and mountains are entirly made of polythene foam, making it very lightweight.

This layout is made in two sections, one with the railway station, and the other with country side, and fast running stream.

A bus is also driving on a batery around both sections.

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Model rail road diorama, with hand made styrofoam bridge, waterfall, lake, fast running stream, and rocky mountains all made of styrofoam sheets.

Made in 2015.

Nearly all trees are hand made.

Layout size 100 x 65 x 45 cms.

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Winter scene railroad diorama in scale N (1:160), build in December 2015.

Dimension of layout 100 x 45 x 45 cms.

Made in 2016.

Same layout as above, but sprayed with White baking poder. This gives a perfect effect of snow when taking pictures outside.Made in 2016

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Framed mountain scenery display diorama with model rail road track in scale N (1:160), build in March 2016.

Dimension 120 x 12 x 60 cms.

Made in 2016.

Can be hung like a painting on the wall, as it is only 12 cms deep.

Perfect to display your trains.

Led lights hidden inside the frame work, give it a day light effect.

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Framed Aspen wood in autumn with train running through it. Build in Nscale (1:160).

Dimension 60 x 12 x 43 cms.

Made in 2017.

All for ground trees are hand made from seamos, painted, and sprinkled with autums colours from Woodland scenics

Can be hung like a painting on the wall.

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Layout in N scale (1:160), with lake and snowy mountain back ground

Dimensions 120 x 50 cms visible section. Including the non visible section 170 x 60 cms.

Nearly all trees are hand made.

Mountains are made of light weight hydrocal from Woodland scenics, and hand painted.

Background mountains are cut out of photos. Sky and clouds are hand painted.

Made in 2017.

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Me in my studio.  Video taken by the well known tattoo artist, my son Charles Huurman

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